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PlayStation Releases The Last Of Us Part

Earlier in the day, the developers of Naughty Dog had to announce that many people feared. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its many complications, the development team behind the highly anticipated The Last Of Us Part 2 decided to delay the title indefinitely.

To be clear, “indefinitely” does not mean permanently. Naughty Dog and Sony still have every intention of carrying the title as soon as possible, but the current chaotic climate in the world has impacted production to the point where they have to delay it and are unsure when it will be available for publication. . Rather than sharing an optimistic release date that they must resume later, they keep us in the dark about possible releases. You can read an article on the situation of our writer Chris here for more information. PlayStation Releases The Last Of Us Part 2 Screenshots After Indefinitely Delaying The Highly-Anticipated Title

To keep fans appeased during these difficult times, the development team has released a few more screenshots. Part of that is to keep everyone happy, but it seems like a lot of the motivation behind it may be a bit of a proof of concept. By showing what they have so far, they confirm that the title is almost finished and that we should not wait too long to see the full version.

We have tweeted the images above so that you can view them yourself. The lighting effects and the mountainous landscape above the city in the first image are truly breathtaking, although the blurring of the grass movement is a bit of a breathtaking interaction. The other three are also fantastic, although it’s hard to say what are the moments of the gameplay and what are the kinematics improved graphically.

Phaedra Parks Has A Message For Wisconsin

Phaedra Parks issued a message to the Wisconsin authorities for inciting people to go out and risk their lives in order to exercise their right to vote. Check out her message below and see the reactions from the fans.

“ Shame on #wisconsin # praying for everyone how much their # health has risked exercising their # right to #vote #staywoke ✊🏽💯 ” Phaedra captioned her message.

Someone commented, “It all started, so we’re not going out to vote! Trump will do anything to win. Most African Americans will vote against him, so see who’s going to die!

One subscriber said, “ I currently live in Wisconsin, and there is no way to risk my health or that of someone else, ” someone else posted this: “ No, it’s a sign of the times, be ready … we don’t want it when it comes back … spread the word. Phaedra Parks Has A Message For Wisconsin: ‘Shame!’

Another follower posted: “Shame on the Republicans, not on WI. They are the ones who sat safely behind their computer screens and agreed that we had to risk our safety to vote.

Another commenter said, “Stop blaming Wisconsin! It was the Republicans who sabotaged them and forced them into this unfair position in order to help Trump! This is what is disgusting!

One fan wrote: ‘Smh. The right to vote is important but stopping the spread of this pandemic is more important now.

Noisestorm’s Crab Champions Announces

Crab Champions. The game has been developed and will be released by a unique developer who is also known for his DJ work.

In addition to the announcement, a gameplay video presenting part of the action as well as different levels that players will face.

Crab Champions is an action-packed game featuring crabs with weapons in various environments. So far, there are three game modes. Noisestorm’s Crab Champions Announces Steam Early Access Release Date

Survival mode is a cooperative PvE option for 1 to 4 players. At each island level, players fight various enemies which become more difficult as they progress. Around the islands are various treasure chests to loot. Players will use these items to fuel their weapons and become stronger. Similar to the name of the mode, players must survive as long as possible without being overrun by enemies.

In Racing mode for 1-4 players, there are no weapons. Players must scan the cards as quickly as possible to break personal records. There are different movements to use, such as turning and sliding on slopes.

Dual mode is a PvP option for 1 to 6 players on small island maps. There are 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 duels where players can use various weapons to win. The first player or team to win five rounds will be victorious. The creation of personalized correspondence is also available.

New Trailer And Steam Page Released

Developer and publisher Kristian Kebbe has released the first trailer for the upcoming action-adventure game Lucen.

The announcement was followed by a trailer with the revelation of the official Steam store page.

“Lucen is an adventure into the unknown. You play as a boy named Lucen, and once your village is mysteriously shrouded in darkness and the rest of the villagers don’t wake up, you need to commit to venturing into the vast land outside the village. Armed with your sword, bow and legends passed down from generation to generation, you must embark on a quest to seek the help of the ancient mythical gods. Says the official Steam store page.

Lucen will have a variety of places to explore in the open world. There are ancient secrets to discover, as well as the discovery of useful objects. Along the way, Lucen will pick up and master various new tools to become stronger in his quest. New Trailer And Steam Page Released For Upcoming Action-Adventure Game Lucen

The gameplay has fast hack-and-slash action. There are a variety of monsters, large and small, across the country. Lucen will also face several boss fights against large enemies to access their magic orbs.

The developer has posted videos of progress so far using the Unreal Engine 4 on their social media accounts. The videos show different areas that Lucen will discover, as well as some of the creatures. Updates are fairly frequent, so fans waiting for news from Lucen won’t have to wait long.

Nene Leakes Denies Talking About Kandi

Nene Leakes uses her time in isolation to connect virtually with fans. In an Instagram posted last night, she said something that made Kandi Burruss wonder why Glee’s former student was coming for her.

Nene told her fans that she went to Bravo with several ideas for a spin-off and that she was turned down. She says she doesn’t understand why, because they give some people on her a spin-off every season.

The person in question seemed to be Kandi Burruss to many viewers who thought of the five specials that Kandi had on the network.

Burruss took to the shadows and retaliated with a post and delete. Nene Leakes Denies Talking About Kandi Burruss In Recent Video: ‘Bye Kandi Man!’

He said, “This video won’t be long, but I wanted to talk about it. So Nene Leakes said on her Live with Tamar Braxton that I misunderstood what she said on her YouTube… Now, I don’t know about all of you but on this video, it looked like a lot of hatred and blame a ‘certain person they keep giving a show to’ as the reason why his show ideas don’t happen ‘.

Then she asked her disciples, “Am I stumbling? Who is she talking about in this video? FYI: I don’t have the power to stop anyone from doing anything on Bravo. I support each project of my comrades. Television, business or whatever they do, I always post for them even if we don’t get along. I do not understand the shadow towards me. I stay in my way and I don’t block anyone.

Mother Of Real Housewives Star Sheree

A new Atlanta Journal-Constitution report found that the 77-year-old mother of a former member of Real Housewives of Atlanta has not been seen for two weeks. Sandy Springs police say Sheree Whitfield’s mother Thelma Ferguson has been missing since March 23.

She left her home in Sandy Springs to visit a financial institution. Currently, community authorities are on the lookout for the near-reality star that no one has seen for more than 14 days.

Thelma is the mother of the original RHOA actor, Sheree Whitfield, whose husband was Bob Whitfield, the former Atlanta Falcons tackle. Sheree has played with Real Housewives of Atlanta for six of its 12 seasons, including the 10th season. Mother Of Real Housewives Star Sheree Whitfield Goes Missing

It was not uncommon for his mother to appear on set. Three years ago in 2017, the reality TV star planned a birthday party for her mother, whom she adored. In a conversation with BravoTV at the time, Sheree said that her mother “really enjoyed it.” It was featured on RHOA.

She continually praised her mother for the series, stating that her mother was clearly “overwhelmed by such happy emotions”. Sheree shared that Thelma was her hero and did everything she could to support her family.

Sandy Springs police sergeant Salvador Ortega said on Wednesday that Ferguson had no known “medical problems”. Over the past few weeks, Sheree, who has nearly a million followers on Instagram, has posted several photos and videos online but never spoke to her missing mother, at least until Wednesday morning.

Bindi Irwin Says Russell Crowe Is ‘Family’

“Even if we can’t see you right now, we are hugging the beautiful fig you gave us and thinking of you,” wrote Irwin. “I hope your day is wonderful.”

In a second photo, Irwin showed the tree label which revealed that the Port Jackson fig – or ficus rubiginosa – was “presented” to Irwin and Powell to “commemorate their marriage”. The card was signed “Love from, Russell Crowe and Family”. Bindi Irwin Says Russell Crowe Is ‘Family’ And Dishes On The Wedding Gift He Bought Her

Unfortunately, Crowe was unable to attend the wedding of Irwin and Powell because Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison limited the number of people at weddings and other social gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Irwin and Powell decided to cancel their planned big wedding scheduled for April 4.

Instead of postponing their big day, the couple chose not to wait and changed their plans into an intimate ceremony. The only people present were his mother Terri, his younger brother Robert, his late father Steve Irwin’s best friend, Wes Mannion, and “lots of animals”.