Basketball Wives’ OG Chijindu Files Lawsuit Against Evelyn Lozada

In October 2019, Evelyn Lozada, a former Basketball Wives student, filed a lawsuit against Ogom “OG” Chijindu for defamation, but now OG is fighting. TMZ recently reported that Chijindu claimed that Lozada often slapped people with defamation lawsuits, and this in particular caused medical fear.

Documents obtained by the press publication claim that Chijindu’s reaction to the trial was so bad that she had to be hospitalized. In addition, OG accused Lozada of using legal action as a means of obtaining publicity and financial gain.

The reality star has listed several lawsuits filed by Evelyn Lozada in the past. As previously reported, Evelyn’s defamation trial dates back to when OG called her a racist, which, according to Lozada, resulted in the loss of endorsements and financial income.

The incident was said to have occurred when Lozada posted a picture of a laughing orangutan who, according to OG, was racist. Lozada later sought a restraining order, but was refused. Due to the alleged costume stress, OG responds with his own costume accusing him of inflicting “emotional distress”.Basketball Wives’ OG Chijindu Files Lawsuit Against Evelyn Lozada

In response to the allegations of racism, Lozada denied them on several occasions but raised his use of the word N at a basketball meeting in October. The whole Basketball Wives drama would have led to Evelyn’s reluctance to re-register for the show.

In February of this year, Ricki Mathers reported that Evelyn was not as thrilled with the idea of ​​appearing in Basketball Wives as she was before.

Mathers claims that his last season on the show was one of his worst, and during a question and answer session, the reality star said that she was likely to skip the reality show. When asked if she would return, Evelyn replied succinctly, “most likely, no.”