Bindi Irwin Says Russell Crowe Is ‘Family’

“Even if we can’t see you right now, we are hugging the beautiful fig you gave us and thinking of you,” wrote Irwin. “I hope your day is wonderful.”

In a second photo, Irwin showed the tree label which revealed that the Port Jackson fig – or ficus rubiginosa – was “presented” to Irwin and Powell to “commemorate their marriage”. The card was signed “Love from, Russell Crowe and Family”. Bindi Irwin Says Russell Crowe Is ‘Family’ And Dishes On The Wedding Gift He Bought Her

Unfortunately, Crowe was unable to attend the wedding of Irwin and Powell because Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison limited the number of people at weddings and other social gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Irwin and Powell decided to cancel their planned big wedding scheduled for April 4.

Instead of postponing their big day, the couple chose not to wait and changed their plans into an intimate ceremony. The only people present were his mother Terri, his younger brother Robert, his late father Steve Irwin’s best friend, Wes Mannion, and “lots of animals”.