Brad Pitt And New Mystery Woman Linked

Brad Pitt was spotted with a smiling mystery woman in his company and, as you can imagine, dating rumors are back! It comes even after the actor himself joked that every time he just stands side by side with a woman, people don’t hesitate to “ say he is dating! ” ”

This time, the Hollywood star was on an A-lister-filled show with the anonymous woman, and a few photos of the two quickly made their way to social media, sparking new romantic speculation!

The event they were spotted together was a Thundercat concert and now people are wondering who the mysterious beauty was by his side!

Additionally, video footage of the event shows that the two are enjoying the show while Thundercat was performing on stage.

TMZ reported that the actor and his companion arrived together and sat side by side for the duration of the show.

Of course, romantic speculation is just that – speculation – without real evidence as there were “no clear signs of PDA,” according to the same publication. Brad Pitt And New Mystery Woman Linked Romantically After Star-Studded Event Appearance!

However, the source insisted that it was not foreigners who had just had adjacent seats.

Obviously, the two were there to enjoy the performance together!

It becomes crystal clear when “Beck comes to discuss them both.”

Aside from Beck and Brad, the place was filled with other big names in the entertainment industry, including Ty Dolla $ ign and Ariana Grande!

Clearly, however, none of them attracted as much attention as they were not accompanied by any “mystery” individual like Brad.

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