PlayStation Releases The Last Of Us Part

Earlier in the day, the developers of Naughty Dog had to announce that many people feared. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its many complications, the development team behind the highly anticipated The Last Of Us Part 2 decided to delay the title indefinitely.

To be clear, “indefinitely” does not mean permanently. Naughty Dog and Sony still have every intention of carrying the title as soon as possible, but the current chaotic climate in the world has impacted production to the point where they have to delay it and are unsure when it will be available for publication. . Rather than sharing an optimistic release date that they must resume later, they keep us in the dark about possible releases. You can read an article on the situation of our writer Chris here for more information. PlayStation Releases The Last Of Us Part 2 Screenshots After Indefinitely Delaying The Highly-Anticipated Title

To keep fans appeased during these difficult times, the development team has released a few more screenshots. Part of that is to keep everyone happy, but it seems like a lot of the motivation behind it may be a bit of a proof of concept. By showing what they have so far, they confirm that the title is almost finished and that we should not wait too long to see the full version.

We have tweeted the images above so that you can view them yourself. The lighting effects and the mountainous landscape above the city in the first image are truly breathtaking, although the blurring of the grass movement is a bit of a breathtaking interaction. The other three are also fantastic, although it’s hard to say what are the moments of the gameplay and what are the kinematics improved graphically.