T.I. Could Not Be Prouder Of His Son, King Harris

TI always praises his children, and he does so on his social media account whenever he has the opportunity. He now praises his son and Tiny Harris’ son King Harris.

Check out the photo TI shared on his social media account with his son.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but … This one has extreme consequences. No exceptions, no exemptions. 🚫🧢 # WitLoveAndRespect😉 # 2Kings👑👑 ‘Tip has captioned his message.

A worried follower said to Tip, “Stop making your son a target Bruh, he doesn’t want life to keep him safe and alive because the real ones will test him.”
T.I. Could Not Be Prouder Of His Son, King Harris – Check Out The Latest Photo That The Rapper Shared Together With His Son
One commentator said, ‘@ troubleman31 they and they can’t say he can’t defend himself, the world knows he can, but with a father like you behind, he’ll have the world at his feet.’

Some Tip fans have talked about the help Tip tried to offer to a man who was executed in Alabama.

You may be aware of the case, but here are a few details in case you are not.

CNN reported that Alabama had executed inmate Nathaniel Woods for the crimes he had committed.

In 2004, he murdered three Birmingham police officers, and according to the state corrections department. he was executed. He was pronounced dead at 9 p.m. local time.

Many people in the community tried to stop this, but it was in vain.

Tiny Harris and TI were just a few of the people who brought forward this case.

One commenter said to Tip, “ Glad we made a little difference to the Nate Woods petition, 🙏 ” and another fan said, “ Thank you for all that you and @