Teresa Giudice Reveals She Confronted Joe And Melissa

Even if Teresa and Joe Giudice are separated now, that doesn’t mean that she goes well with people who speak ill of the father of her four daughters! That being said, it turns out that she is really embarrassed by her own brother, Joe Gorga, and her sister-in-law, Melissa still dissenting from her ex-husband.

As a result, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star revealed in a new interview that she had told them both, warning them that if they continued to be so hostile towards Joe, she would “ explode! ”

It’s no secret that the Gorga couple have insulted Joe Giudice whenever he has the chance, but Teresa has enough for her to face them.

In an interview with AllAboutTRH, Teresa explained this very clearly when asked how she felt about the two “speaking so badly” of her ex-husband.
Teresa Giudice Reveals She Confronted Joe And Melissa Gorga Over Badmouthing Estranged Husband Joe Giudice!
“I don’t like it and I didn’t tell them anything more. Look, my brother is upset. And, my brother kept his mouth shut for a long time, but I told them both [Melissa and Joe] to stop now. I don’t want them to say one more thing about Joe Giudice, ”she said.

She went on to point out that if her brother and sister-in-law didn’t stop, things would definitely escalate.

“ Going into the next season – if they say boo about it – I will explode. They know not to talk about him anymore. And my kids don’t want to hear it, ” said the mother of four at the store.

Joe Gorga was not too subtle about the dissidents thrown at his sister’s husband.

In fact, his contempt for him has become more evident since Teresa and he announced