Wendy Williams Has A Few Things To Get Off

Wendy Williams ended her show today with a few words for Nicki Minaj. She talked about the fact that Nicki married Kenneth Petty, and she also made sure to talk about her dark past as a sex offender.

Wendy thinks Nicki’s brand will have to suffer a lot after her marriage to Kenneth. Discover all its explanation in the video below.

Some people have stood up for Kenny, saying he was just a kid when he did what he did.

One disciple said, “So because he was a child, it has no
Wendy Williams Has A Few Things To Get Off Her Chest About Nicki Minaj’s Husband, Kenneth Petty – See The Video
Someone else said, “ The victim interviewed a blogger at tea time during the day and was really upset, Nicki tried to lie about the situation. Sure, Nicki will believe the stories invented by Kenny, but she was not there and he was convicted.

One commenter wrote: “ Lol, she should be the last person to talk about marriage, ” and someone else also said that Wendy shouldn’t talk about the subject: “ She has no place. to talk about it. ”

A fan defended her and said, “ She came out of her marriage, it’s not like she stayed there, so she has room to talk. ”

One person posted this: “She is right. Nicki could have done better – why did she settle for him, “and someone else said,” No one likes the messenger, but the message is true.

Someone else said, ‘Wendy just tells the truth and people hate to see it! She says what we all thought 🤷🏽‍♀️ “and a follower posted this:” She’s clearly obsessed. But if Nicki responds, she is mad or mean.